No problem too small or bike too big


People weren't born knowing anything bicycles, including us.  As time has gone on we feel we have a very thorough understanding of bicycles and how they work.  Collectively we have over 25 years experience in bike shops.

Pint Tune $40: A basic checkover of your rocket ship.  We make sure the bike is functioning the way it should by checking the shifting and braking systems.  On top of that, we clean the bike, lube the chain, and check the torque specs.  We also look over the bike for broken, worn, or damaged parts.

Growler Tune $70: A step up from the Pint Tune.  We do all the same procedures but add wheel truing for both wheels.  

Keg *$200: All hands on deck!!!  A highly involved, complete tear-down of your bike.  We go through everything.  Bar Tape, Cables, Housing, Headset, Bottom Bracket, and Hubs.  Everything that gets removed get a thorough cleaning and re-greasing where needed.  *Price does NOT include the cost of parts that are in need of replacement (cables, housing, bar tape/grips, bearings, chain, etc.). Suspension service is additional and varies from bike to bike.

We also do A La Carte!  If you need just a single thing done to your ride just ask, no matter how crazy the job might sound (we've seen them all).

Shop Rate: $60 per Hour